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My trip to New York last week might have been about the gift show, but it certainly seemed to me like it was also about the food! Here's my recap of what I ate, drank and loved on the hot summer days I spent in New York.

My visit to Calliope was by far one of the greatest parts of my trip. From the moment my freind Danielle and I walked in, it was an enchanting experience. I had the octopus salad with potatoes, white anchovy and celery--delicious, fresh and perfect. Danielle had the Provençale tomato tart, which was also lovely. As a main, I had the ricotta and chard dumplings in brown butter and sage, which was so meltingly and hauntingly good that I can still remember it precisely, even now over a week later. We shared a very summery fruit torte with crème fraiche for dessert. Add in nice wine, a charming pressed tin ceiling (my longstanding design crush), the friendliest waitress ever, pretty glass bottles and flickering candlelight and I am tempted to declare this my best food experience of the summer! (Calliope, 84 east fourth st, east village)

The New York public library has a great exhibit on called 'Lunch Hour'. With great images and interactive displays and materials, it creates a historical snapshot of lunchtime in NYC over the past 150 years. And to celebrate the exhibit, there is a chosen food truck parked just outside each day! I had the pleasure of trying Milk Truck, where I had a delicious grilled cheese (their classic, with extra caramelized onions) and a yummy honey-cardamom iced tea.

Those of you who know me might very well have heard me ranting, raving and waxing poetic about the joy and subtle delicious beauty that is Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding. I first tried it a few years ago at a birthday party, and after being told it had been made from the famous Magnolia Bakery's cookbook, I determined that I absolutely must not only make it myself but also visit them to have the original. I visited the Grand Central location, but there are many around New York now, and they have expanded to Chicago, LA, and Dubai. And the pudding? Was every bit as delicious as I knew it would be. And now, obviously, I can think of little else.

So that was me, eating my way through a city that I like more each time I visit! Tomorrow, I'll be posting the late Covet Wednesday post (sorry!) and later this week or this weekend I'll post the final one of my nyc recaps. Goodnight, I'm off to dream about banana pudding, and ricotta dumplings in brown butter!

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