In honor of the current Quebec elections and the upcoming U.S. presidential one (and all the drama that comes along with them), I though I would pit a few Dot & Lil soaps against each other in a battle of wits and fragrances! Let's see if handcrafted soaps have as much inherent drama as our beloved or much-loathed politicians.Will Honeysuckle play fair, or will it start a smear campaign calling Coriander & Lemongrass' exfoliating past into question? Will Rice Flower accidentally let slip that she finds Satsuma's neon orange in poor taste? And will Rosemary & Lavender's stance on same-sex scents help or hinder her campaign? To the polls, Dot & Lil fans!

Thought you might find this fun & silly on a Friday! Have a great holiday weekend everyone.