summer cottage collection

After a really good session of brainstorming and crowdsourcing ideas on Twitter yesterday afternoon, we have decided to launch a mini-collection sometime in July that we are calling a Cottage Collection. Just a few extra little items that we'll have available in super limited quantities in the hot heat of summer to keep you fresh and clean and happy. This stage of a collection is the fun part, the creative part that makes me love what I do! Below are just a few of the inspirations we're using. Most of the photos are from cottage trips with my friends & family last summer and my trip to Nova Scotia in September.  
Summer 2013 Cottage Collection
Boats, canadian cottage country, mountains, cabins, dirt, fresh coffee, evening cocktails, beers by the lake, fresh fruit, gardens, freshly cut grass, kids playing in the barn, lake water, sand on your flip flops, fresh skin, wind in your hair, sun-warmed veggies, cedar and oak, smoke and burnt wood, letters from home, camp cabins, sleeping bags, cold beer and snacks on the deck, good books, friends and family, sails and ropes and docks, boots lined up in the mud room, bare feet all day.
Some of the ideas being thrown around are a refresher mist, fresh foot soak, light floral perfumes and candles, a dry body oil and floral waters with scent inspirations like jasmine, fresh fruit, woodsmoke, grapefruit, mint, sweet pea and fresh lily. What inspires you about summer? What products and scents would you like to see as limited run special editions this July?



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