covet wednesday {#11} // hot hot heat

The first very summery Covet post of the season! Yay. Here's the things I am really coveting this week.
1. Sweet bow bathing suit top from local Montreal swimwear designer Mimi Hammer (who is a lovely lady, by the way!)
2. Really darling 'Cottage' t-shirt from Toronto-based Only in Fields.
3. Coveting a campfire. I need one. I am going to try and get up north this week. (Eliza if you're reading this we NEED to get up north this week!)
4. I have a tendency to kill plants by being at the studio too much and not caring for them, so I try not to own them. But all this lush summer and my love of things green and pretty or flowering and scented has me coveting plants. Perhaps I should start slow with succulents? There was a time (pre-entrepreneurship...) when I had a full garden! The image came from here but I should buy a terrarium from my buddies Adam + Davis at crown flora next time I'm in Toronto.
5. I love fruit beers. My favourite is Éphémère Cassis, brewed here in Quebec. They also make a pretty good Apple version. Éphémère just launched a new flavour, Cherry, which I MUST try. 
What are you coveting this week?

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