Lavish & Squalor trunk show recap

Last week we spent all of Thursday at Lavish & Squalor on Queen Street West in Toronto. We had a lovely time! Below are a few pictures from our trunk show. I seriously regret not bringing the better camera, but I had my hands more than full transporting stock. Oh well! I love not only the stock and selection of items they carry but also in my opinion they have some of the very best merchandising and display around, and I spend A LOT of time in retail stores! The store is spread over two floors in a great old building. My kind of place. 

If you missed the trunk show, Lavish & Squalor now carries quite a wide selection of our products in a lovely display on the main floor. 



Lavish & Squalor
253 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
twitter: @Squalorland

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