Q: How does shipping work?

A: Canadian orders ship from our workshop in Montréal from Monday to Friday. USA orders ship domestic, from our warehouse in Champlain, New York 12919, USA. International orders can ship from either Canada or the USA, depending on what is most cost effective for your destination. 


Q: When will my order ship?

A: Orders ship within 5-7 business days after order confirmation. If you prefer a future ship date just let us know by notifying it on the PO.


Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: We charge freight depending where  your store is located. For Montréal we apply a flat rate of $15, with a surcharge for destinations outside our delivery area. We have a freight cap for all destinations in Canada and the USA (excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico), so you absolutely never pay more than that percentage of your order value as freight (it turns around 8% to 15% of the subtotal depending on your area). We will be happy to provide specific freight information once your order is placed if you request it, based on its physical size and value.


Q: How can I become a retailer?

A: You can get in touch with us at orders@dotandlil.com with your store name and address. We will be happy to send you an invitation for our online showroom and our catalog + line sheet.


Q: How does the online showroom work?

A: Welcome to our bath lover family! When you get our confirmation to become a new retailer, we will send you an invitation to our online showroom where you can see our products and place orders directly. Creating an account only takes a few seconds, click here and we will get you all set up. Use your email address to log in, enter your information, shop respecting the minimum by order and the minimum per sku. Don’t forget to add testers! Pay online, and we will take care of the rest! 


Q: Is there a minimum wholesale order?

A: Yes. Minimum wholesale order is only $150. Minimums per SKU are extremely low (never more than 6). And we have no case pack amounts that you are limited to. You must be approved as a retailer and logged in to see our wholesale pricing and place orders. 


Q: Where can I find the minimum per SKU?

A: By clicking on the product, section ‘’Remarks’’.


 Q: What are the best sellers?

A: In the Dot & Lil line the best selling products are the bottled bath milks, bath milk sachets, and bar soaps. Best selling fragrances across categories are Rice Flower, Peony & Olive Leaf, and Lavender. The teacup candles and bar soaps are also strong sellers. In the Clark & James line, the best selling products are the rope soaps and the best-selling fragrance is Héritage. 


Q: Do you provide display samples of your products? 

A: Yes! Display samples are highly recommended as they allow clients to touch, feel and smell the products. They are available at 50% off wholesale cost and are full-sized products marked with a 'tester' sticker. You can add display testers directly to your cart, they have the same SKU with the prefix ‘’dt’’. Maximum of ONE display tester per SKU per order.


Q: Do you have a sales representative who can come see me in my area?

A: Yes! We work with two wonderful agencies :

Just Got 2 Have It (Northeast, mid-Atlantic & Southeast Atlantic of the United States) reachable at info@justgot2haveit.com.

TwistSales (North of the United States) reachable at info@twitsales.com


Q: Can we visit you at a USA trade show?

A: We exhibit twice a year at trade events in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Minneapolis. We hope to resume attending shows in New York and Toronto as soon as we are able! If you are an existing retailer or have requested wholesale information from us, you will receive an invitation to these events with showroom information. 


Q: Can I have exclusivity in my area/zip code/city/state?

A: We do not ever grant specific exclusivity, but we are very respectful of our retailers and we will always be sensitive to not opening accounts too close together. If ever we are unsure, we will always check in with you. If you have any specific concerns please let us know at orders@dotandlil.com.


Q: Are Dot & Lil products natural?

A: All of our base formulas are natural. We choose to use both natural fragrances (essential oils) and synthetic fragrances (fragrance oils). We use essential oils when available (like lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus & lime, and more), but some of our favorite fragrances (like honeysuckle for example) aren't available in any safe natural form, so we use super-high-quality body-safe fragrance oils to fill out our selection of amazing scents.

If you prefer to avoid our products that contain synthetic fragrances, just check the ingredient list on the product itself or on the product page. It will always indicate what we used. If it contains essential oil, it will indicate ‘’essential oil’’, if we use synthetic fragrances, it will indicate ‘’parfum'’ or '’fragrance oil’’.

Additionally, our products are almost all anhydrous, meaning they contain no water - this allows us to safely formulate them without a synthetic preservative. If you have specific concerns about a product or ingredient just email us at info@dotandlil.com and we will be happy to advise you! We love chatting about skincare ingredients.


Q: Are Dot & Lil products or the ingredients you use tested on animals?

A: Never!


Q: Are Dot & Lil products vegan? Do they contain any animal-based ingredients?

A: Almost all Dot & Lil products are vegan! The non-vegan ones are: bottled milk bath, sachets, cubes and bubble milks (they contain super moisturizing powdered cow's milk). We also choose not to use palm oil or animal oils. If you have specific concerns about a product or ingredient just email us at orders@dotandlil.com and we will be happy to advise you.