The Timeless Beauty of Wildflowers: the Wildflower Collection

As the sun-kissed days of spring and summer arrive, a tapestry of wildflowers blooms. Timeless beauty! We always love and celebrate spring blooms, and this year we are proud to dp so by introducing the Wildflower Collection, a careful selection of fragrances inspired by fields of wildflowers and the classic scents of a country garden in the summer. Featuring the enchanting scents of Dandelion, Clover, and Echinacea, this collection celebrates the art of gardening, the vital role of pollinators, and the importance of conservation. 

Wildflower soap and candle collection

Dandelion: Warm and Nostalgic

Like a ray of golden sunlight, this Dandelion fragrance captures the essence of nostalgic whimsy and joy. Inspired by the delicate petals of this resilient flower, its scent unveils a harmony of warm hay notes and a subtle green undertone of freshly-mown grass.

Clover: Fresh and Green

A tranquil meadow, with its delicate blend of fresh greens and soft floral notes. Strolls through green fields with the gentle rustling of leaves and the buzzing of bees. Aromatic notes of fresh wild herbs, sweet honey, and fresh citrus.

Echinacea: Vibrant and Floral

Echinacea, with its striking petals and vibrant hues, inspires a fragrance that exudes timeless elegance. This captivating scent blends the floral sweetness of rose and blossoms with hints of crisp green leaves. Like a blooming garden on a summer's day, with sweet flower nectar, deep geranium, vetiver and dark earth.

Wildflower soap and candle collection

The Wildflower Collection features hand-poured soy candles and classic bar soaps, each made by hand in our atelier as always. With each scent we honor the art of gardening, the importance of pollinators, and the necessity of conservation. How can you support pollinators? Plant more flowers! Very especially, plant flowers that are native to your area.


Anne + the Dot & Lil team

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