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a sad day: goodbye, lily of the valley

I am very sad to say that Dot & Lil's Lily of the Valley product line is being discontinued. It has always been a best-seller, right from the beginning, and was one of the scents in the original Dot & Lil product line. I'm sad to see it go! Just know that I wish it wasn't so! The supplier that carries this fragrance oil has stopped carrying it, and no matter how many samples I get from other...

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guess and you shall receive

Dot & Lil perfumes are about to get a face-lift. New packaging, new scents, new labels. Not that I don't like the old ones, like the Honeysuckle perfume pictured above, but I was having packaging issues and it's time for a change! In the next two weeks I will release the updated versions of the three scents I already carry--rose, honeysuckle and lily of the valley--and on September 1st will come...

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