Fragrance Madness

Thought you might like to see a picture! Here I am hard at work in the old Dot & Lil workspace (much prettier than the current one, actually!)

What I'm up to:

It seems strange in the dead of winter, but it's time to look into new fragrances for spring and I'm having trouble holding myself back! As often as I repeat to myself that I can't splurge on 20 different scents to offer as limited editions, there's that little voice inside that screams "I want them all!". I'm trying to narrow it down. If I'm good, there will be 2 Limited Edition spring scents coming up in April. If I can't, just can't reign them in, there may be 3!

The limited edition spring finalists are:

sweet pea
white tea
green tea
sweet orange
lemon mint

You can see why I might have trouble choosing just two! What screams spring to you? I'd love to hear what you might want to see from Dot & Lil this upcoming season, so please email us at or leave a comment with your suggestions! Feel free to suggest something not on the list of favorites too.

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xoxo, Anne + the Dot & Lil Team