the scents are coming the scents are coming!

I literally turn into a small child waiting to be allowed into a toy store when I am expecting a UPS delivery of fragrances and soap making supplies. I try to be all calm and collected and rational---and then give up and check my tracking number every 2.4 minutes until the doorbell rings.

A few posts ago, I talked about selecting my spring limited edition fragrances. Well, I did not in fact hold myself back to two choices (fragrances are like a drug around here). So here's what we're looking forward to! I may save a few to do in the summer instead of releasing them for spring.


I also restocked our best selling oatmeal milk & honey, honeysuckle, rose and lily of the valley fragrances. And got chocolate and vanilla, both specifically for Valentine's Day!

YUM. There is definitely some lovely soap on the way. Where is that UPS guy, anyway! Off to check my tracking number yet again...

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