why i love what i do

I have been working on a whipped body butter that will keep all of our dry canadian skin a little happier over the long, cold winter. Something that will moisturize and create a barrier without evaporating too quickly or being too greasy. Shea butter is one of my favorite ingredients to work with and to use. Nothing else is quite like it! It is almost magical in texture, if you ask me. It is soft yet solid at room temperature, and melts perfectly into your skin using just body heat. Because shea butter is already a star moisturizer all on it's own, I didn't want to complicate things unnecessarily by adding too much to it. In skincare, just like in many other areas of life, simple is often best! So I have added a little bit of avocado oil, some vitamin e and am trying out different essential oils for scent. But, hmmm....what scent to use?

As anyone who has ever talked to me about formulating knows, this is where I tend to get carried away! When confronted with an endless possibility of scent choices, I tend to expand my product line rather than limit myself to one scent! I am still in the process of choosing. Whenever I have settled on what I think is the winning scent, I start daydreaming about another. The comforting hug of Bergamot, the refreshing sweet burst of Tangerine, the sharp fresh zing of Lemongrass. I sometimes find myself lost in a sea of aromas. And that's when it always occurs to me...I love this job!

Keep and eye out for Dot & Lil Whipped Body Butters, coming soon in....a variety of scents!

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