the real people of Dot & Lil

Dot & Lil, as lovely as they are, don't actually do anything around here except sit around and be glamorous and lend their names to the company. So it's nice when, at crazy times of year like this where production seems never ending, the real people who love me step in to help. My friend Genia has been sitting next to me wrapping honeysuckle soap for the last 5 hours. She has offered to come back twice more in the upcoming week.

Old time movie heroines (and sisters) Dorothy and Lilian Gish, who gave Dot & Lil it's name:

My parents are both unsung Dot & Lil heroes as Dad can often be found hefting 25 lb bags of epsom salts up my interminable front stairs or driving me around to pick up supply orders. My mom not only sews all the handmade bags I use at craft shows, but is also often there behind the table with me, selling up a storm.

So many other people help out too. Another friend and my cousin will be helping with the wrapping this week as well. Linda, who has known me since I was a baby, helped me at many shows last year and drove across town during Montreal winter on a coriander essential oil that is devotion. And some people offer mainly support, of the psychological, emotional, business advice or pep talk variety that I could not go on without.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that behind the names of Dot & Lil are so many other real names, including mine, that make up the bones of what this company is and how it functions. What I'm really trying to say is, thank you.

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xoxo, Anne + the Dot & Lil Team