Today, and last Saturday as well, fantastic photographer and friend Elise Hogberg has been here taking pictures of my products. Today, as she sat cross legged on my balcony setting up a shot of the 2009 Limited Edition Chocolate Soap, we both commented on how pretty it looked. And I said to her, while being all gushy and teary eyed about how pretty they looked, that I felt like a proud Mom whose child has just ridden a bike or swum across the pool for the first time. The things I make are like my babies, I guess. I should remember this feeling of pride when I feel like everything is going wrong! I don't think I will ever get over the fantastic feeling that comes from knowing that something I design and make with my own two hands is valued by others.

It's not that my soap is prettier today than any other day. But certainly Elise can make it look prettier than it even is in real life! You can see some of her work at .

And Elise, if you're reading readership may lynch me if I don't update this with the pictures you took, and soon!

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