just what I've been waiting for: personal care truth

I am overjoyed, ecstatic even, to finally be able to point you in the direction of a well-thought out, accurate and scaremongering-free web resource about personal care ingredients and issues. Resources like this are so few and far between that I had given up hope! But behold, www.personalcaretruth.com was born!

You see, most of what the media has to say about skincare is inaccurate, and they usually fail to back it up with a little thing I like to call science. And many of the consumer-run or protection agencies, like the database Skin Deep for example, are just as bad in terms of backing up their claims. They use fear and not reason or fact to keep people away from ingredients that are often, in fact, perfectly safe. They do this without solid evidence backing up what they are saying. The words "natural", "chemical", and "toxic" are some of the most misused around! We all want to stay safe. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation floating around out there.

I know I'll be busy scouring every inch of www.personalcaretruth.com and you should check it out too! The hard science is there, and the people speaking about skincare do in fact know of what they speak. Revolutionary!

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