exhilerating with a dash of fear

I spent all day today reading and doing research and taking notes on the process for a new handcrafted product that I want to add to Dot & Lil's product line. It's been a long time since I devoted this much energy to formulation and research, as for the most part Dot & Lil recipes have been solid and unchanging for a good long while! I'm remembering that the research phase is a totally different experience than regular production. There's this antsy, can't sit still energy to it. It's sort of all-consuming! And a feeling, too, that you're being silly and wasting time--which of course you're not, as good research saves you from mistakes and mishaps that other people's wisdom can help you steer clear of.

I felt sort of funny about having spent my whole day thinking about additives, and sorting out unfamiliar chemistry, and new ingredients, and tiny packaging details, and pouring over links and books and images and videos, all for a product that I have never made. And then it occurred to me that the reason this all stood out so much from the usual things I do for Dot & Lil in a day, the reason it seemed so strange and foreign...was fear! It's been a while since I ventured into newbie territory, and I had forgotten how scary it is to be in a spot where you are making, with your own two hands, something you have never ever made before, that you want other people to eventually spend their hard-earned money on!

Those of you that know me know that I'm a big fan, these days, of systematically facing my fears. If I'm scared, then I must be challenging myself and doing something right! You see, I could just stay in my safe zone, in my life and in my business. But that won't get me any new products, it won't get me any new wholesalers or clients, and it won't get me anything, really, other than what I'm already getting. It won't give the world anything new or exciting, either.

Keep doing what you've always done, and you'll usually keep getting what you've always gotten! And personally, I'd rather have the adjectives that describe me and my products and business be exciting, new, interesting, bold...so here's to staying a little bit scared!

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