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Last week the lovely people responsible for the great Saturday morning art market I've been part of for the past 2 months, Marché la Récré in Mile-End's Lambert-Closse schoolyard, wrote a very, very nice post about me and Dot & Lil. You can read the post here. It's super sweet! I was touched because I really like them too! Dana and Guerlain are the great couple behind the market, and they are truly wonderful! They understand the finer points of why handcarfting and local artisans are important. They have good taste. They're well organized and understand, unlike many a show organizer, that yes, promotion is in fact a big part of their job! How most miss that fact is a whole other post! They're ridiculously nice and have cute kids, on top of it. They're sort of my dream of what market organizers should be.

Unfortunately, I won't be showing in tomorrow's Marché la Récré, or the last one of the season which is next week. But there will be a multitude of other fantastic local handcrafters there for you to check out. It was a tough call for me not to attend, as I really love it there. But I have forced myself to focus on an upcoming challenge that, surprisingly, I have rarely discussed her. On September 5th, 2010, I will run my first ever race. I will run, very slowly I assure you, the 21km that make up the half-marathon in the Marathon de Montréal. I'm scared. I'm anxious. But mostly? Mostly I'm excited to go through with this big event in my life that has been a huge goal for me, that I have been training towards since April. Somehow, it's not something I ever could have pictured myself doing. At the beginning of January I decided that I wanted to take up running again this year. I had never run for 30 minutes straight. Never broken 3 km. But when we change our minds about what it is we are capable of, the whole world opens up.

So, no market this weekend or next. Can you forgive me?

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xoxo, Anne + the Dot & Lil Team