they guessed, they were correct, they shall receive

I know, I know, I'm a few days late with this announcement! Doing my best amidst the September craziness.

The winners of the Dot & Lil perfume contest, which ran here are....(drumroll please!)...

The first right guess was Neldy Germain, who guessed grapefruit, which is the first of the new perfume scents! Dot & Lil has had Grapefruit & Bergamot soap for a while now, but this new pure grapefruit perfume is a special shout-out to those of you who love a fresh, straight citrus scent. You can check out the awesome stuff that Neldy is up to at and follow him on twitter as @neldygermain.

The second scent was guessed right by the lovely Samantha Star from, who funnily enough I recently blogged about here after she was my market neighbor at Marché la Récré! She was the first to guess that vanilla was the second of the new Dot & Lil perfume scents! Vanilla is all new at Dot & Lil, and we'll have it as a soap soon as well! You guys should all head over to Samatha's Twitter (@papercandyca) and congratulate her, as she was so excited about this contest she actually illegally voted twice! Luckily, she had gotten vanilla on her first try!

So guys, you'll each be getting a free bottle of Dot & Lil perfume! You can each pick Grapefruit or Vanilla. Unfortunately, there's been a packaging delay and they won't be ready to ship until October 1st! I know, I'm torturous. But the perfume will be more than worth the wait, I promise.

You guessed, you were correct, you shall receive! (eventually)

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