fundraisers...did you know?

Did you know that Dot & Lil was available as a fundraising item? I provide you with product descriptions and order forms and you go and sell your little heart out. Then I fill the order and we both get paid! I'm right in the middle of my first real fundraising order process, and it's gone really smoothly and been a win win for both me and the fundraisers, I believe! It's with F.A.C.E. school (which I attended for 12 years myself, from kindergarten to grade 11!) and is an initiative to send some grade 11 students to Costa Rica, where they are involved in helping a community and its school.

From what I can see, Dot & Lil items are a great way to avoid the ubiquitous chocolate bar sales in favor of something green, handcrafted, local and high quality! Then again, I'm a little biased. If you're fundraising this winter, let me know!

And if you see some trendy artsy kids running around selling soap? Yeah, that would be my fault!

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