have you ever used a Dot & Lil shaving bar?

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Have you ever used a Dot & Lil shaving bar? They're getting more and more devoted users, so I thought I'd highlight them for those of you who haven't used them before.

Dot & Lil shaving bars are available in Peppermint and Unscented. I originally launched them with mainly men in mind, but it turns out women love them just as much! They can be used in three ways; by lathering them directly on your skin, by lathering in your hands, or with a shaving brush. For shaving legs, lathering directly on the skin creates great creamy, rich lather.

What makes shaving bars better for shaving than a regular soap? Luxurious kaolin clay adds the slip that a razor needs to glide over your skin without creating irritation. Also, vitamin e and extra coconut oil provide anti-oxidants and moisture to make sure it's not drying.

Some key benefits:

-extremely ecologically responsible
Dot & Lil shaving bars are wrapped in biodegradable cellophane (as are all Dot & Lil soaps, by the way), which saves you from using a can, bottle or jar that will be thrown in a landfill, as happens with many mainstream shaving products.

A male client who shaves daily has reported back that his shaving bar lasted about 10 months, or 300 shaves. Now that is some value!

Because they aren't liquid, you can pop Dot & Lil shaving bars into your carry-on. I recently paid upwards of $100 in baggage fees to check two bags when traveling to Puerto Rico. Believe me, I'll know better next time!

-great for sensitive skin
The simple, straightforward ingredients and mild soap formula mean that Dot & Lil shaving bars are often great for even those with extreme sensitivities. In fact, the Unscented shaving soap is what we always recommend to our sensitivity-prone clients as an all-over body soap. I also use the Unscented bars as a facial bar to remove my makeup each day.

Dot & Lil shaving bars are available here. They're versatile, economical, ecologically responsible and great for your skin--that's a pretty amazing bar of soap, if you ask me!

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