minty minty mint for summer

As a devoted flip-flop and sandal wearer, I wear almost nothing else for shoes from May until September. And what that means is that come bedtime, I have some dirty little feet! You know it's true for you too! So, my summer bedtime ritual always involves a foot-washing along with a face-washing, as funny as that sounds. And this summer, I've added a little twist that I thought I'd share.

For most of the year, I use Dot & Lil Unscented shaving soap to wash of my makeup each night. As a side note, before making my own products, I was a devoted face wash user. I hated using soap on my face. But you know what I've found? Handmade soap is a whole different animal. It doesn't make me itchy and scractchy and tight-skinned like washing my face with commercial soap always did. I haven't bought face wash in years, now! I find the shaving bars gentle, and they take of makeup really well. So what's my summer twist? I switched to the Dot & Lil Peppermint shaving bar. I would've thought it would be weird for washing off makeup-peppermint near the eyes? But it's amazing! So refreshing and pleasant and just the right amount of subtle fresh peppermint tingle. Just make sure you do rinse properly near the eyes!

At the same time as I'm washing off my makeup, I wash my feet using the Peppermint shaving soap as well. And wow! After a long hot summer day on my feet, is the Peppermint ever refreshing! I don't always have time to do a Peppermint foot soak, but using the soap every night has become part of my bedtime ritual that I really look forward to! I take the opportunity to go over my feet with a pumice stone at the same time, to keep them soft and nice.

What are your refreshing summer beauty or skin rituals?

Dot & Lil shaving soaps are available here, and Dot & Lil foot soaks are available here.

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