the soap circus, the soap opera

Above: Freshly cut bars of Honeysuckle soap.

I haven't been around quite as much lately, on twitter or the blog. Have you missed me? I'm right in the middle of a great big production run that will take us all the way to the holidays, basically. What that means is that there's so much soap around here, we could drown an elephant in bubbles. No, really! There's at least 600 bars hanging out waiting to be wrapped, another 100 waiting to be unmolded and cut, and at least 600 bars of soap to be made in the next week!

Above: Loaves of Honeysuckle soap waiting to be unmolded.

And then, then there's everything else! Several hundred jars of milk bath and bath salts. More bath truffles than there are chocolate truffles in a chocolate shop! Perfume bottles stacked as high as the eye can see! It's like a bath and body circus in here, and I'm still trying to figure out whether I'm the ringmaster, or the clown.

So if you need me over the next few weeks, you better shout loudly, so I can hear you over the soap! The scents chat amongst themselves, you know. Sugar & Spice always has nice things to say about Sweet Clementine, but Coriander & Lemongrass definitely thinks he's better than those two--they're just limited editions, after all! And don't even get Rose started, she'll talk your ear off about how forceful and over the top she thinks Rosemary & Lavender is! It's a veritable soap opera around here!

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