if dot & lil was an animal...


In a strange twist of trying to inspire myself today, while brainstorming design ideas for a new product line, I came upon the odd question of what animal would represent Dot & Lil, if we had one. This led me to much time wasting searching through lovely vintage images, of course. One of my favorite pastimes. All the images in this post are from The Graphics Fairy, a great blog for any kind of project needing vintage imagery, or just to poke about about on oohing and aahing.


So, what is Dot & Lil? A winged horse, mythical and majestic? An elephant, larger than life and with a great memory? My final choice has got to be that Dot & Lil is best represented by a rabbit. Small but energetic, and very prolific and productive! The new line I'm working on I have yet to pick an animal for, but I always loved deer imagery. What about you, or your project?

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