chocolate & roses giveaway WINNER!

Ok so I'm a bit late! Contest was supposed to end at 5pm, and here I am strolling in at 6:15pm...

But, a winner is a winner no matter what time it is! So drum roll please, the Chocolate & Roses giveaway winner is 'Anonymous' commenter, who chose Rice Flower as their favourite Dot & Lil scent! That's one of my very favourites too.

Thanks for all your entries, it's always lovely to hear what scents you guys prefer, especially now as I'm working on the Spring & Summer 2012 lineup! Satsuma came out ahead of anything else in your entries...I'm not surprised, you guys never fail to make it clear how much you love that scent!

For those of you who didn't win, but would like to try the limited edition Valentine's Day Chocolate and Rose scented Dot & Lil products anyway, the listings will be going up on and in our etsy shop next week. Stay tuned! They're pretty special.

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