studio reno chaos: behind the scenes

So anyone who follows me on twitter or facebook or has been around me this spring already knows that the studio underwent a renovation and transformation in April and May. This has been generally referred to as #renochaos. Now I'm definitely late with this post, as the official unveiling of the new studio was our open house on May 12th. But it's been busy over here at Dot & Lil, so forgive me!

My first crazy-crazy idea was to paint the showroom wall in big pink stripes. And our ceilings aren't exactly low, so a big job!

 First, lots of measuring and tape. 

 Then, PINK!


And here's the finished wall. I love, love, love it and am so glad it was done. And that lovely lady up on the ladder, in the pic above? That's my mom. Yeah, she's basically a superhero--read more about that here.

We also did several small projects, like the remodeling of this bench that I found in the hall of my studio building into a cute entry-way piece.

                                       Before.                                                                    After.        

And we also took this screen and made it fresh and new-looking again, with fabric that matches our new bench and all the pillows in the showroom area. It was originally very rough-looking wood, it's already painted below.



We also painted my desk and various other salvaged furniture, most of it white. This really freshened up and lightened the impact of the furniture on the space as a whole. 

My other favorite project has to be the painting of the official Dot & Lil fridge!! As inspired by a Pinterest find (many of these projects are, actually) I decided to paint the Dot & Lil fridge pink. Now see, appropraite paint for fridge painting isn't actually SOLD in pink, so...we mixed our own with white and red. Yeah, I'm stubborn. 

                             Before.                                                                       After. 

And my bright pink studio entrance (tape's still on in this pic.)

And because I just can't leave well enough alone, we also painted the industrial shelving that holds all my stock, and the legs of all the massive wooden production and packaging tables. 

Later this week, keep your eyes open for the post that shows you how the whole thing pulled together! Do you have any reno-chaos projects planned for the summer?

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