covet wednesdays

New series on the blog! In which I divulge all the handmade and gorgeous things and goodies that I am coveting at the moment. So coveting isn't, you know, super healthy. But I'm going to go ahead and share the coveting anyway--does that make it better, or worse?

I am in love with this simple bracelet by helloberry, based out of Toronto.

And, strange as it may seem, I had an actual full-on intense craving for a pale lilac cream polish this week. Like, I almost got up from what I was doing and walked to my nearest pharmacy, just for that. I might give this Essie 'She's Picture Perfect' a try.

I love the color and cut of this swimsuit from Naughty Naughty's Etsy shop.


Lastly, I have also been coveting basically everything from Toronto's Hoi Bo, who was showing across from me at the One of a Kind show back in early spring. The workmanship and quality of the bags--every corner, every seam, every stitch-- is basically perfection. I also tried on a black silk dress from them that was so nice and simple and fell just right. There's a great video about Hoi Bo that's part of Toronto Standard's 'Made in Toronto' series that you can watch here.

I'll be back with more coveting next Wednesday! Until then, what are YOU coveting?

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