covet wednesday: the toes like icicles edition

What am I coveting this week? Heat, for one thing! It is absolutely FREEZING in the Dot & Lil studio and I really, really can't wait until they turn the heat on!

In an effort to keep myself from turning into an icicle, I've been drinking a truly impressive amount of tea. And by impressive I mean more-than-is-probably-good-for-me. So, lovely covetable tea finds this week for Covet Wednesday!

1. tea kit by purpose design
2. tea time rubber stamp by Citoyennes de Berlin
3. travel thermos by Disaster Designs on Modcloth
4. hearty teacup by Wagokoro-Ya
What are you coveting this week? New autumn clothes, cozy blankets and a good novel? Someone knit me some socks so I don't freeze in here!

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