{things I ♥ right now} summer 2013

Unlike my covet wednesday posts that talk about things I've been coveting from afar, I thought another post about the things I'm doing, using, or loving this summer might be nice. I did my first post like this here

1. flowering trees and a scented city
2. my favourite pair of beat up denim shorts
3. scented candles at home and at the studio, especially Green Tea & Linden (testing, testing!)
4. the smell of jasmine, smelled lots walking around in Toronto last week
5. 'Pennies' by The Riverside
6. 'Someday' by Tegan and Sara
7. my mom, and all her vintage treasures and for having raised me among them
8. our lilac & shea body butter (seriously, I just finished another one!)
9. roses blooming everywhere (so guess which perfume I've been wearing!)
10. summer walks to the studio every morning and home every night, taking in the mix of old and new that make me love this city and this neighborhood
11. teacups (yes, still)
12. bright pink shiny polish on my fingers & toes = summer distilled
13. cold beet and zucchini salad with feta, a perfect meal when it's hot out

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