Last week I took a quick trip to California for a few meetings, a much-anticipated sister visit and a break from Montreal winter. There was some sun and some meetings and some shopping...but mainly, there was food.

The pretty view out our Silverlake window. A steep hike up the hill on a big stone staircase every night to get home but worth it, I think.

Of course I travel with Dot & Lil products, including some of these goodies from the about-to-launch Spring & Summer 2014 collection.

At the prettiest grocery  store of all time, Urban Radish in downtown L.A. Coffee, locally made goods to bring home, and the prettiest cut flowers on every table.

Fresh lavender. One of my favourite parts of visiting Los Angeles in winter is the flowers and scents and greenery that I miss so much at home at this time of year.

This, my friends, is a Kimchi Quesadilla. It is indescribably good. You cannot imagine how good, along with everything else from Roy Choi`s Kogi BBQ truck which we tracked down in Pasadena.

While in Pasadena we dropped by Lula Mae for a shop visit (they carry my sister and brother-in-law`s line of urban paper goods) and to pick up some gifts for Dorian, who was back in Montreal at the studio packing orders in the winter cold, the poor dear! Loved this shop. And nice to meet you, Marci!

On the way back from Pasadena cranky-pants me decided I would be very very cranky unless I found some nature, so my obliging sister pulled Elysian Park out of her hat at the last minute, just before sunset.

Tiki-Ti in Los Feliz. Open since 1961, it is the longest standing Tiki bar in L.A. and is still family owned and run by the son and grandson of the founder.

Beautiful old sign we saw on our way out of the Long Beach flea market. I scored a vintage shaving brush and a great print of Clark Gable that you`ll be seeing on the studio wall soon.

L.A. from somewhere on Mulholland.

 My sister and brother-in-law`s new downtown L.A. studio for Ink + Smog Editions.
Fancy juice from Moon Juice in Silverlake.  
Kaldi Coffee in Atwater Village. 
My pretty Valentine`s Day flowers from Clementine Floral Works. Loved this little shop tucked off of Sunset in Silverlake.

Dot & Lil products on the shelf at our newest retailer, Yolk in Silverlake. The display was lovely, this image does not do it justice! Had a great chat with Maria about the sometimes-dangers-sometimes-joys of dealing with the public. We are excited to work with Yolk! 

Pygmy Hippo Shoppe--I loved this place, so much cute! The amazing wallpaper in the shop won me over on sight, and lovely owner Emi and I had a hilarious chat about the Korean spa experience, in all its nakedness. 
Also on this trip:
1. Chego. Chego is my favorite place on earth. It is also by Roy Choi, same chef as Kogi pictured above. I could eat this at all times. I actually dream about this food when I am not in L.A. I cannot overstate how important Chego is, in the L.A. hierarchy of my heart. Next time I`m in L.A. I will try A-Frame, another Roy Choi restaurant.
2. So much vintage shopping. So much new everything to wear.
3. Magnolia Bakery. My favourite NYC thing (blogged about here) now also in L.A. Their banana pudding can`t be beat.
4. Manicure. Pedicure. Only ever do this when I travel, it seems.
5. A day at Olympic Spa in Koreatown for the Pure Bliss treatment. I could go to L.A. just for this, I think. Korean baths, traditional exfoliation, akasuri body scrub, pineapple facial, full body massage, and a nap on the heated floor in the jade room. Second time I`ve been and I will be back. Converted my sister this time!
6. Korean BBQ and beers on Valentine`s Day at Honey Pig. Nothing more romantic than self-fried foods.
7. Thai food on the beach in Malibu, tacos & tamarind agua fresca downtown, bacon and cheddar croissants and lattes at Intelligentsia in Silverlake. And so much more food--oh, the eating.
8. Snooped around Reform School in Silverlake which is like an L.A.-esque version of our Montreal favourite, Annex Vintage. Also liked browsing all the bitters at Bar Keeper, and A. was super-excited to stop at Golden Saddle Cyclery.

We`ll see you again soon, Los Angeles. ♥  And stay tuned for our Spring & Summer 2014 collection launch on this Wednesday, February 26th.

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