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carbon offsets

I have been thinking lately about sustainability in my business and it has brought me to consider carbon offsets as an option for Dot & Lil. A small carbon footprint has been part of the philosophy at Dot & Lil since day one. I have accomplished this in many ways--thoughtful packaging, local purchasing and carefully sourced ingredients.

But certainly, as an individual as well as a business, there...

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It was brought to my attention by my jar supplier this week that the jars he has available are now made in China. This didn't used to be the case. Last time I looked into it, the glass I was using was manufactured right here in Canada. It was one of the major reasons I chose to work with glass, as opposed to the cheaper and lighter PET that is the more standard choice and would save me and my...

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sustainable business, part 1

Part of the original concept for Dot & Lil was that it should be a sustainable business. Minimizing our carbon footprint is one of the key operating standards of this company. I wanted to tell you all a little bit about how we are sustainable. There are also some areas where we could be greener and where we are searching for new solutions.

We source our supplies from Montreal as a first choice....

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