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New things have come to Dot & Lil! In the past week I rolled out the new flavored lip balms, Vanilla and Rose, and two new body butters, Bergamot and Lavender. Still to come are the yet to be available new perfumes (still waiting on my shipment of bottles!!) and body scrubs.

And next week, I will be spending the day with Elise Hogberg, who took all the product pictures on my website last year,...

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You saw it here first, folks. Elise's pictures are ready. And although they are intended for my website....we will have a sneak peek. I am waaaaay too excited not to share!! They all look great!! You can see more of elise's work at :

lip balm

honeysuckle perfume oil

bergamot, lemongrass and lavender bath salts (listed front to back)

holiday 2009 limited edition sugar & spice soap


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Today, and last Saturday as well, fantastic photographer and friend Elise Hogberg has been here taking pictures of my products. Today, as she sat cross legged on my balcony setting up a shot of the 2009 Limited Edition Chocolate Soap, we both commented on how pretty it looked. And I said to her, while being all gushy and teary eyed about how pretty they looked, that I felt like a proud Mom whose...

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