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big goals and constant self-development

The more I try and grow my business, the more I realize that to do so involves work on myself, constant self-development. The more I work on myself, the more successful my business will be. Part of the reason I want to build a soap EMPIRE? I know that to run a business of the size I dream about requires me to constantly strive to be better and to honestly look at all the ways I can improve and be...

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exhilerating with a dash of fear

I spent all day today reading and doing research and taking notes on the process for a new handcrafted product that I want to add to Dot & Lil's product line. It's been a long time since I devoted this much energy to formulation and research, as for the most part Dot & Lil recipes have been solid and unchanging for a good long while! I'm remembering that the research phase is a totally different...

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