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perle launch and custom soaps

Dot & Lil has been doing more custom orders these days, and I love doing them! Our most recent was a bunch of soaps for Perle, Montreal's new erotica magazine. I saw an advance copy, and I love it! Very well done, very classy and especially great design work too. The magazine launches this Tuesday at Jukebox, starting at 6pm. The $10 admission (or $15 at the door) gets you an issue of the magazine...

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the soap circus, the soap opera

Above: Freshly cut bars of Honeysuckle soap.

I haven't been around quite as much lately, on twitter or the blog. Have you missed me? I'm right in the middle of a great big production run that will take us all the way to the holidays, basically. What that means is that there's so much soap around here, we could drown an elephant in bubbles. No, really! There's at least 600 bars hanging out waiting...

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lotion bars & scrub bars: my new addiction

In the fall, I released two new products at Dot & Lil. Shower lotion bars, and shower scrub bars. In the holiday season craziness, they never got blogged about or put up on the website. Until now!

Ok so I know I'm the one that makes them, but you guys really have to check these out! I am totally biased, of course. But I have made, used, researched, explored and seen a lot of different bath and body...

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