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Etsy shop revamp

I have spent the past few days revamping and stocking up my Etsy shop and taking all new pictures, and thought you might like to have a look! Dot & Lil is still for sale from our web shop, as well, but we will be keeping our Etsy shop well stocked from now on too. What do you think of the new picture style and banner in our Etsy shop?


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new pictures are here

This year, just like last year, I asked the fabulous and talented Élise Hogberg to take some pictures of all the Dot & Lil offerings for the website and promotional materials and this blog. And also, of course, so that I could put them all in this post as a photo-fest and we can all drool and ooohhh and aaaah about how gorgeous they are. Ready? Here we go.

I'll have these up on the...

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