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what's coming

What's coming for Dot & Lil in 2011? As I sit down and plan it I can't help but feel like I have so, so far to go. But it makes me realize how far I've come! In 2010 I added 9 retailers. I attended over 30 shows (no wonder I needed a rest this week!). I formulated and launched 2 new products and 5 new scents. I participated in my longest show ever. I redesigned my labels and changed my print...

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fast asleep in their beds

Any last minute requests or comments, everybody? Because I am one tired soap empire builder, and I'm about ready to take a mini-break for a few days and rest! Then again, it seems every time I try to relax, I start! I can't help it. Dot & Lil is just that wonderful!

Happy holidays everybody and start thinking big things (bigger than that) and huge dreams for what you will do in 2011. The...

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