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help us help people?

If you have $25 to spare, and let's be honest here you probably do when it really comes down to it, please head over to the Dot & Lil Kiva team and loan an entrepreneur somewhere in the world some money to give them a leg up. How little will you miss it, how much will they appreciate it.

Lend a hand, please!

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kiva: help Dot & Lil lend a hand

Yesterday, I launched a project here at Dot & Lil that I've been thinking about for a long time. I've known for a while now that I want to increase the ways in which my small business contributes. In fact, I want trying and contributing and helping to be tied right into the business model. And so I'm excited to launch what I hope becomes a permanent and successful project at Dot & Lil: the Dot &...

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