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like a fresh blank page

It has been a very crazy year. New clients, new shows, new approaches. I quit my job to work on Dot & Lil full time. I moved Dot & Lil out of my house and into a separate studio. All in all, the biggest year ever for my little company. And right now in the midst of crazy holiday rush, with new challenges and new projects, I am at once terrified and overjoyed. It's that thrilling feeling, that I...

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it's christmas in august

Ah, the joys of the retail world. While you all just barely begin to think about back to school and summer ending, and the last sweet hot days of summer, I have been deeply entrenched in the holidays and winter since at least the beginning of July! While you guys were chewing on watermelon and jumping in the pool, I was making Sugar & Spice soap, wrapping things...

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the soap circus, the soap opera

Above: Freshly cut bars of Honeysuckle soap.

I haven't been around quite as much lately, on twitter or the blog. Have you missed me? I'm right in the middle of a great big production run that will take us all the way to the holidays, basically. What that means is that there's so much soap around here, we could drown an elephant in bubbles. No, really! There's at least 600 bars hanging out waiting...

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autumn at Dot & Lil

Head over to www.dotandlil.comto see all the new stuff we have for fall! Sugar & Spice soap and Chocolate soap are both back for the fall and the holiday season. And in the next week even more exciting new products will be up, including new perfumes, two new body butter scents, new products like a sugar scrub, and some flavored lip balms! And some more limited edition soap scents for the fall &...

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