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studio reno chaos: behind the scenes

So anyone who follows me on twitter or facebook or has been around me this spring already knows that the studio underwent a renovation and transformation in April and May. This has been generally referred to as #renochaos. Now I'm definitely late with this post, as the official unveiling of the new studio was our open house on May 12th. But it's been busy over here at Dot & Lil, so forgive me!


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studio makeover mayhem

This week so far has been quite heavily dedicated to the crazy spring project of giving the studio what has turned out to be an almost complete makeover. What started out as an idea to paint some furniture pieces and add pops of color has turned, somehow, into a full-on re-vamp. New curtains, painting everything in site, complete furniture rehabs (including a few pieces I've picked up in the halls...

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