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what I've learned this year: uncertainty & mistakes

I used to post a lot more small business related posts, about the fears and stretching and growing and skill-learning that go along with being an entrepreneur or giving it all to one project or idea. It's not that I have less to say on the matter, it's just that the posts don't seem to flow on this subject the way they used to. I've found myself wondering this week why they are happening less...

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like a fresh blank page

It has been a very crazy year. New clients, new shows, new approaches. I quit my job to work on Dot & Lil full time. I moved Dot & Lil out of my house and into a separate studio. All in all, the biggest year ever for my little company. And right now in the midst of crazy holiday rush, with new challenges and new projects, I am at once terrified and overjoyed. It's that thrilling feeling, that I...

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exhilerating with a dash of fear

I spent all day today reading and doing research and taking notes on the process for a new handcrafted product that I want to add to Dot & Lil's product line. It's been a long time since I devoted this much energy to formulation and research, as for the most part Dot & Lil recipes have been solid and unchanging for a good long while! I'm remembering that the research phase is a totally different...

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