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a sad day: goodbye, lily of the valley

I am very sad to say that Dot & Lil's Lily of the Valley product line is being discontinued. It has always been a best-seller, right from the beginning, and was one of the scents in the original Dot & Lil product line. I'm sad to see it go! Just know that I wish it wasn't so! The supplier that carries this fragrance oil has stopped carrying it, and no matter how many samples I get from other...

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new pictures are here

This year, just like last year, I asked the fabulous and talented Élise Hogberg to take some pictures of all the Dot & Lil offerings for the website and promotional materials and this blog. And also, of course, so that I could put them all in this post as a photo-fest and we can all drool and ooohhh and aaaah about how gorgeous they are. Ready? Here we go.

I'll have these up on the...

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it's here

It's all about to start. We are heading into a time of year that I both love and dread. On the one hand, I will have opportunities to expand my business, interact with customers on a frequent basis, and do what I love. On the other hand, I now officially won't have time to eat or socialize until January. I'm not complaining, I love what I do! But there's definitely a lot of trepidation mixed into...

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marché la récré

Dot & Lil will be participating in a Saturday artisan market that has started up in Mile-End, called Marché la Récré. I was unable to attend it's debut last week as I was selling at the St-Viateur Mile-End artisan festival. So come visit me this Saturday to inaugurate my participation in this cool and well put together weekly event. Pictures from it's first weekend can be found on the market's...

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