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new gift sets

New gift sets went up on the website yesterday. Now, you can satisfy that scent addiction to one particular Dot & Lil scent by buying the set. Like my addiction to Rose everything, much to my boyfriend's dismay (he's a Rose hater...scandalous I know.) Also listed is a really cool new shaving set with a shaving brush, container and shaving soap.

I also added new pictures for a few sets, including...

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new pictures are here

This year, just like last year, I asked the fabulous and talented Élise Hogberg to take some pictures of all the Dot & Lil offerings for the website and promotional materials and this blog. And also, of course, so that I could put them all in this post as a photo-fest and we can all drool and ooohhh and aaaah about how gorgeous they are. Ready? Here we go.

I'll have these up on the...

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the making of a Dot & Lil bath truffle

There's always a lot of curiosity about how Dot & Lil products are made. So, every once in a while you'll get a new post with lots of detailed pics that show you exactly how a Dot & Lil product is made. You can also go back and read the first one, a look behind the scenes, about the making of a Dot & Lil lip balm. You can buy the Dot & Lil bath truffles I make below at .

So, as...

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made by hand on

I've decided to add a new feature to some of Dot & Lil's products. Starting with any batch made in the last week, each item will feature a small "made by hand on: day/month/year" label on the bottom. The only product that I'm excluding from this is soap, as basically the only thing that happens to soap over time is that the scent fades and so freshness is less of a salient concern.

Dot & Lil bath...

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