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the soap circus, the soap opera

Above: Freshly cut bars of Honeysuckle soap.

I haven't been around quite as much lately, on twitter or the blog. Have you missed me? I'm right in the middle of a great big production run that will take us all the way to the holidays, basically. What that means is that there's so much soap around here, we could drown an elephant in bubbles. No, really! There's at least 600 bars hanging out waiting...

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Dot & Lil profile on Let It Unravel

You guys should all head over to Let It Unravel, a blog all about handmade goodness. Todays' post is a profile of...well, me! And Dot & Lil. It can be found here.

Also, Let It Unravel is hosting a Dot & Lil giveaway for their Love Your Body series. So if you wanna win some bath truffles, go check it out! It's pretty easy to enter.

There's a big announcement coming from Dot & Lil tomorrow, too (hint:...

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