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the soap circus, the soap opera

Above: Freshly cut bars of Honeysuckle soap.

I haven't been around quite as much lately, on twitter or the blog. Have you missed me? I'm right in the middle of a great big production run that will take us all the way to the holidays, basically. What that means is that there's so much soap around here, we could drown an elephant in bubbles. No, really! There's at least 600 bars hanging out waiting...

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made by hand on

I've decided to add a new feature to some of Dot & Lil's products. Starting with any batch made in the last week, each item will feature a small "made by hand on: day/month/year" label on the bottom. The only product that I'm excluding from this is soap, as basically the only thing that happens to soap over time is that the scent fades and so freshness is less of a salient concern.

Dot & Lil bath...

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flower petals make me happy

I made bath salts tonight. Dot & Lil sells three varieties of bath salts and although I fully intended to get through the making of all of them tonight....well, let's just say it's been a long week so far and I am treating myself to being in bed by midnight!

The two varieties that I did make are Bergamot & Rose and Lemongrass & Calendula. Both have real flowers mixed in and are scented with...

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