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flower geek status

Flowers and plants are so connected to what I do, and to Dot & Lil. From the botanicals, plants and flowers distilled into essential oils to scent many of our products, to the botanicals that are added to our bath salts and soaps, Dot & Lil is deeply intertwined with flowers from beginning to end. I definitely embrace this—me and flowers, we get along! I emphasize their relevance in my business by...

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By Dot and Lil on 2009-05-31

As I prepare for a week-long tropical vacation, coming up in June, I find myself trying to get my legs and feet into summer and beach mode. And so I bring to you the Dot & Lil Summer Legs Lineup. These are the items from our product line that will help you get your legs and toes into great shape (because who wants to show off winter legs???) I will be listing these in my ArtFire shop (http://www....

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